How Smart Are You? Smarter than the BBC…

Well it seems that another department in the BBC needs to update their Flash detection scripts. I’m not going to highlight every instance of failing Flash detection scripts around the global but as I had already posted about BBC Radio 1’s Flash Player 10 issues I thought I’d mention this in the hope that it gets resolved sooner rather than later.

I’m not going to dwell on the fact it says Macromedia as well. I would assume this is an easy fix as all of the BBCs content is served via a CMS so under that assumption if it is changed / updated in one script it should propagate through the entire site – although I have been to quite a few other pages on the BBC site and viewed Flash content so it may not be as simple as one would think.

For those interested here is the actual page on the BBC site: BBC News Magazine – How smart are you?

I’ve mailed a few people I know at the BBC so hopefully those that need to know will get on the case shortly. I’ll update this post as I hear more.

Mike Jones


  1. Hi Andre, thanks for the vote of confidence. It was my fiancée who initially had the problem so I do actually have a “girl-friend” :p

  2. Without being a BBC apologist, the page you link to is clearly dated “last updated, Thursday 15 September 2005”. The BBC’s policy is that we don’t go back through our old pages, especially ones written three years ago; I hope that makes sense – it may be that what we coded in 2005 no longer works as expected.

    In terms of the BBC Radio 1 front page, if you are still noting any issues, please do get in touch.

  3. Hello James, I did note that the date was 2005. However I made the assumption that the script used to detect the users Flash player version was centralised. therefore it may have farther reaching consequences.

    From a detection point of view it is just a matter of setting the script to look for the required player version or greater.

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