Flex Camp London – Speakers

With exactly a week to go I thought I’d post an update to Flex Camp London ’08.

We now have all of the sessions and speakers sorted out and I’m pleased to announce that Peter Elst and Marco Casario are going to do a session (they were just attending initially but I pinged Peter on Twitter and they are now speaking :D). Don’t let this overshadow the rest of the speakers though, while some may not be as well known in the community they are top of their respective fields and some of the best Flex specialists in the UK

The sessions cover a wide spectrum of Flex related topics, not all are developer orientated so there will probably be something for everyone – have a look at the schedule below and you’ll see what I mean.

2.00pm Start
2.15pm Keynote – Andrew Shorten, Adobe
2.45pm Building your 1st Flex application – David Arnold, Academy Class
3.15pm Styling, skinning, designer/developer workflow – Chris Jenkins, Tribal
3.45pm Break / ‘show and tell’ – Monochrome
4:00pm PureMVC – Justin Clarke, Samuel Williams, LBi
4.20pm Flex and ColdFusion – Niklas Richardson, Monochrome
4.40pm Flex and Java – Bryan Hunt, Emak Mafu
5.00pm Break / ‘show and tell’
5.15pm Who you need on your Flex team – Neil Middleton, Monochrome
5.45pm Application development best practices – Dan Thomas, Moov2
6.15pm Break / ‘show and tell’
6.30pm SQLite with AIR – Marco Casario, Peter Elst
7:00pm Flex component development, Mike Jones, Pixadecimal / FlashGen.Com
7:30pm Q&A Ask The Panel session
8:00pm Pizza and Beers

You can find out more on the Flex Camp London ’08 site

Places are filling up fast, so if you want to attend sign up now!

Mike Jones

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  1. Thanks for the talk Mike, lots of stuff there I didn’t know before.
    And as it happened I was looking for an flv component with source!

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