Nokia LifeviNe – Flex or not?

It’s a loaded question. As I helped develop lifeviNe. In case you haven’t seen it, it is part of a solution for Nokia’s new mobile social networking software – think Brightkite meets flickr, youtube and del.icio.us to name few. The alpha version was launched on Tuesday of this week (it was a bank holiday here in the UK on the Monday). Currently the mobile part of the solution is only accessible to a selected few; however the big plan is to open it up to everyone in the near future.

The basic premise is that your lifeviNe enabled Nokia NSeries phone geo-tags all of your media as you roam – pictures, music, videos etc and then uploads them to the site when you are near a wifi access point. These collections of images then form ‘vines’ (journeys) that you or your friends (and anyone else come to mention it) can view and explore via the lifeviNe site. The cool bit is that other peoples vines can cross yours so you can see what people took pictures or videos of at the same location for example.

I’m not going to divulge the full technical details, but if you know me then it has to be either Flex or AIR. In this case it was obviously Flex. I would do a shout out, but it may lead to recruiters fishing for potential recruits – they know who they are :p

I’d like to say how much I enjoyed working on the project and with the team at R/GA London and I look forward to the opportunity of doing something else with them in the future.

Mike Jones

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