Flash on the Beach 08 Session Notes

Another year another fantastic conference in Brighton – I’m obviously speaking about Flash on the Beach. What a fantastic conference, not only was it bigger and better but John announced that there would be a Flash on the Beach Miami in 2009. I’m pretty stoked by this as John had sworn me to secrecy over this new conference date. Plus he’d asked me if I’d like to present there…Hell yeah!

That said this year at Flash on the Beach I did a session entitled “Things To Make And Do”. It was a talk about the Flex framework from the perspective of component development and how an understanding of how the component framework in Flex works will provide you with a good grasp of how the overall Flex framework flows.

So without further ado, here are the links to download my session notes and the example code used in the presentation. I’ve added some detail to the slide notes, (you’ll need to download the version with the notes – not the one below). That said I may record the session again via Screenflow so it is useful for everyone. I’ve also shared it via Adobe Share and embedded the slide deck below

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Mike Jones

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