Free Flex 3 / ActionScript 3 Posters

Flex IconI was asked by a colleague of mine if I knew of any diagrams that showed the various properties etc of Flex and ActionScript classes. Now I remembered the posters that came out for Flex 2 and thought I’d google to see if there were any updated PDFs for Flex 3. To my surprise I found out there were some really cool posters (no PDFs though); I did find some images of them on Flickr (photo taken by Sarah DeForche) however, there was no information on where to get them from.

After asking a few of my Adobe friends, Mike Potter came to the rescue and pointed me to this page (Note you need to have an Adobe ID and a valid Flex 3 serial number to order them). For the record this link is also on Flex.org but it’s a bit tricky to spot (about two thirds of the way down the page on the left).

Mike Jones


  1. It does not look tricky to find the checkbox option for free posters. I have my long ago. After all, registering info is something we have to look through all details right?

  2. @proyb This is more for the benefit of those users who already registered Flex Builder before the posters were made available; or those who don’t bother registering software as they don’t need the support or can’t be bothered (I’m in the latter category:p)

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