Flex SDK Sandbox Now Open

Flex IconEver wanted to hack about in the Flex SDK source code, but were too afraid to try it, or perhaps you really wanted to have something added in but were having a hard time getting your code seen by other like minded people? Then this could be for you…

The Sandbox* is a centralized area for you to share your ideas with the Flex development team and the community. We’ve created a Sandbox folder in the svn repository where you can publish, play, and collaborate with others on a branch of the SDK. If you have patches or a feature idea, share your idea in the forums and your code in the Sandbox.

As we move forward we’ll work to take popular ideas that fit the agreed upon goals of the SDK and incorporate them into the mainline branch (trunk). Here are some guidelines we follow when developing features.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to opensource.adobe.com and follow the sign up and check out instructions and get committing :D

Mike Jones