Free Copies Of Flex Builder For The Unemployed

FlashGen.Com IconHot off the press!!! Adobe are offering free copies of Flex Builder to anyone who is recently unemployed. What a great way to get in to Flex! I’m not sure if this is a UK / European offer or global. To find out more information please contact Andrew Shorten (Adobe Platform Evangelist) for more details.

Mike Jones


  1. I got the information directly from Andrew Shorten – Platform Evangelist for Adobe as the initial post mentions. BTW it is a worldwide offer.

  2. hey,
    I’m from India,
    how can i get Flex Builder copy as a free of cost ?
    Is it the latest version ?
    thx in advanced,

  3. As promised Guys.
    Andrew has just sent me a license, seems they had masses of interest. Good move by Adobe, give out licenses to F3 before F4 comes out. Gives me a boost, so I am pleased as punch.

    Thanks Adobe.

  4. Hi Abhishek, it’s Flex Builder 3 (so yes it’s the latest version) and you need to contact Andrew Shorten via the link in this post

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