No Flex SDK 3.3 Auto Update For Flex Builder 3

Flex IconUnlike a lot of people, fiddling with stuff until it breaks is something that is part of my genetic make-up. Therefore when the announcement was made that version 3.3 of the Flex SDK was released I immediately downloaded it and updated my version of Flex Builder. Nothing too taxing, but I wanted to make sure I was up to date.

However, for those that are not so “curious” about the inner workings of the tools they use or those who just want to “update and go” I’m surprised there still isn’t an update for Flex Builder 3 to install the version 3.3 Flex SDK. I appreciate that it’s mainly bug fixes and player updates, but it does include the AIR 1.5.1 updates as well.

So how about it Adobe, can the rest of the Flex Builder user base have a proper update for Flex SDK 3.3?

Mike Jones


  1. So how did you update the SDK in Flex Builder 3 to Flex 3.3? I have Flex SDK 3.2 and I see where Flex Builder 3 (Pro) has folders in the sdks for 2.0.1 and 3.2.0. Do I just create another folder in there (call it 3.3.0) and unpack the Flex 3.3 sdk (and the data visualization components) into that? Then is there a preference I would have to modify in the Flex Builder?

  2. Download the new SDK (e.g. 3.3.0) and dataviz zip files,
    Create a folder for your new SDK (e.g. program files/adobe/flex/sdks/3.3.0)
    and unpack the zips to it.
    Next, set the compiler in Flex Builder to point to that folder (go to window->preferences, click on Flex 3 on the right and then click “Edit” and change the path).

    Thats it. not rocket science.

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