Flex Builder Is Renamed

Flex IconAfter many months of speculation and rumours of Flex Builder being renamed it has finally been confirmed by Lee Brimelow, Duane Nickull and Serge Jespers. Flex Builder will be re-branded to reflect the fact that it is capable of creating content for the Flash Platform regardless of whether that includes the use of the Flex framework or not.

For those who haven’t heard the various suggestion for Flex Builder’s probable name change I’m not going to list them all – a simple Google will fill that void. Suffice it to say the the commonest speculation was indeed the correct one.

Flex Builder will now be know as Flash Builder.

So what does this mean for Flex? Well nothing from the sounds of it. The name change is solely to Adobe’s development tool, not the framework. So the Flex SDK will remain the Flex SDK and if you refer to yourself as a Flex developer (like I do) I can’t see that needing to change. Overall I think the change is a good thing as the toolset now has some cohesion to it with those tools targeted at producing content for the Flash Platform as their primary process now all have Flash as part of their name – Flash CS4 Professional, Flash Catalyst and now Flash Builder; and I suspect more will join them in the future.

Flex Builder is dead. Long live Flash Builder!

Mike Jones

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