Configuring ColdFusion & MAMP Pro

ColdFusion Icon IconI, like a lot of developers use a Mac and like most I use a local web server to test the applications I am developing; however, I have had a few issues getting my dev environment running exactly as I want it due to the fact I use MAMP Pro. While it supports mySQL and PHP out of the box it doesn’t lend itself well to other app servers due to the fact it has a different way of configuring the server compared to plain old MAMP.

Recently I was invited to speak at Scotch on the Road London, and as the only self professed non ColdFusion developer there I decided it was high time I got ColdFusion installed and running under MAMP Pro. So after much Googling and reading I came to the conclusion that there just wasn’t a clear set of instructions on how to get ColdFusion to play nice with MAMP Pro. Luckily I’m not easily put off and after a few hours of swearing at my Mac and many install / uninstall cycles I eventually got it working. So for those who also use MAMP Pro and would like to integrate ColdFusion with it I have put a screen cast together that goes through the entire process of integrating the two together.

Please excuse the audio – I’ll redo it at a later date but I wanted to get it posted sooner rather than later.

Integrating ColdFusion with MAMP Pro from FlashGen on Vimeo.

If you are following along the code I paste in to the MAMP Pro configuration template is below so just copy and paste it in to your config file.

# JRun Settings
LoadModule jrun_module /Applications/ColdFusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/mod_jrun20.so
<IfModule mod_jrun20.c>
    JRunConfig Verbose false
    JRunConfig Apialloc false
    JRunConfig Ignoresuffixmap false
    JRunConfig Serverstore /Applications/ColdFusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/jrunserver.store
    JRunConfig Bootstrap
    #JRunConfig Errorurl url <optionally redirect to this URL on errors>
    #JRunConfig ProxyRetryInterval 600 <number of seconds to wait before trying to reconnect to unreachable clustered server>
    #JRunConfig ConnectTimeout 15 <number of seconds to wait on a socket connect to a jrun server>
    #JRunConfig RecvTimeout 300 <number of seconds to wait on a socket receive to a jrun server>
    #JRunConfig SendTimeout 15 <number of seconds to wait on a socket send to a jrun server>
    AddHandler jrun-handler .jsp .jws .cfm .cfml .cfc .cfr .cfswf

Since producing this video Living-e no longer maintain MAMP and MAMP Pro, it has been taken over by a company called AppSolute so where I mention locating the living-e directory in your Library > Application Support directory, you will now need to refer to the Library > Application Support > appsolute directory instead.

From MAMP Pro 1.8.0 onwards the location of the configuration directory changed to appsolute

For those of you who are working with ColdFusion 9 check out Adam Tuttle’s post / video on how to get CF9 to work after following my video

Mike Jones


  1. I am having trouble getting this to work with Snow Leopard. I am following the instructions, but I get the following error when trying to start Apache:

    Cannot load /Applications/ColdFusion8/runtime/lib/wsconfig/1/mod_jrun20.so into server: cannot create object file image or add library

    Any thoughts?

  2. Rob I had a similar issue when trying to configure CF8.1 with MAMP Pro 1.82. The jrun.so file it created was nearly 8kb large than the Leopard version. Fortunately I still had the Leopard version so I just switched them around. I’m in the process of trying find out why Snow Leopard creates a different connector. As soon as I find / hear anything I’ll let you know :)

  3. Hey I was able to get it fixed by following advice given in another blog regarding CF8 and MAMP (not Pro) – URL is http://www.oxalto.co.uk/blog/index.cfm/2008/7/21/CF8–MAMP-on-OSX-step-by-step#c1470E17D-E014-9AB1-33136320AE26D329.

    The fix was to get the stock 32-bit mod_jrun.so file from the wsconfig.jar file and use it. Did that and worked like a charm. Odd that even though I have 32-bit CF8 installed it still used a 64-bit connector.

    I am going to be writing a quick blog entry on this for myself and will be using your great video as the main reference. Thanks again for it.

  4. Great video! I always wondered where the heck MAMP PRO was hiding its conf files! Thanks to Rob for the tip about wsconfig.jar. I had the same issue with Snow Leopard. I have everything running like a dream now. I’m curious to see what extra info you come up with for Virtual Hosts. It seems to be working for me with no additional config, but then again I haven’t done much with it yet.

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  6. Very good! The first useful thing I found on the subject. It even gave me the push i needed to get it installed on regular ole MAMP. Only thing for MAMP (not pro) users is that the htdocs directory in your applications/MAMP folder is your localhost.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Has anyone got this working with cf9, I just got an internal server error 500 when i tried to complete the install. I did notice that cf9 doesn’t have a jrunserverstore file that I can find so I’m wondering whether this line in the script is causing the error, I did comment it out but it still didn’t work.

  8. Darren I’ll test it with CF9 shortly and update where applicable. At this point in time the JRun code in the post has only been tested on CF8

  9. Hi Mike, thanks so much for the tutorial… have you had a chance to try it with CF9 yet?

  10. No worries Mark. Glad it helped you out. I have finally finished my CF8 project so I can now uninstall the local dev version and migrate over to CF9, but I see Adam has already posted about getting it working in CF9. Thanks for the link to his post

  11. Hey Mike. Are you using the latest MAMP by chance? They’ve gone to 64bit Apache and i can’t seem to get it to with both your and adam’s videos…


  12. Hi Eric, I have updated to the 64bit version yet – will be doing that in the next few days. Once I get it running I’ll post an update for those of us (including yourself) who are now completely 64bit :)

  13. Just another thank you, your tutorial and the one at fusiongrokker helped me get 32-bit CF9 running under Mamp Pro 1.9 and Snow Leopard. I followed the steps and everything worked! It was great to see the CF admin screen come up, and my apps.

    Many thanks!

  14. Running CF9 64-bit and MAMP Pro 1.9.4 — but I cannot get this to work. I installed the Apache connector in CF (and see the connector) — but it downloads the index.cfm file instead of displaying it.

    Does anyone have any tips at all? I’ve looked at nearly every tutorial I can find — and even copied over the mod_jrun.so file — but no luck.

    Anyone have any luck with recent versions of CF and recent versions of MAMP?

  15. I want to install ColdFusion 9 on the MAMP on Mac OS, but I don’t know what is the webroot folder in MAMP (I mean, Chose Adobe ColdFusion 9 Administrator Location …?) Thank you!

  16. OK… what about running MAMP on “Lion Server”… not just Lion but the Server Edition of Lion? Has anyone hit a home run here yet?

  17. Thanks for the interesting article and video.

    I have just purchased a new Mac Book Pro running Mac OS X Lion (10.7.2) and downloaded and installed MAMP PRO. I’m having a problem unlike any I’ve been able to find info on after hours of googling.

    Apache is running and I’ve hit my localhost with the browser, etc. But when I get to the “Configure Web Servers/Websites” and enter the paths for the configuration I get an error message that stops the show.

    “Unsupported Apache Binary” It goes on to say that “the apache you are trying to configure is a 64 bit binary…you cannot configure a 64 bit apache from this installer.” “You can change the httpd binary to 32 bit and continue…” I am flummoxed.

    I found a page here: http://code.google.com/p/modwsgi/wiki/InstallationOnMacOSX

    that talks about something that seems related but I tried the method to alter the .plist file and it did nothing.

    Does anybody have any clues about this? What am I missing here?

    Thanks, Jerry

  18. Hi Jerry,

    Are you using the universal version of MAMP (2.x http://blog-en.mamp.info/)? As that includes both 32bit and 64bit binaries for Apache. In all honesty I’ve not tried running ColdFusion on Lion yet so there may be other “hidden” issues. I’ll try and put some time aside to test ColdFusion on Lion soon.



  19. Mike,
    Thanks for the message. I finally gave up on MAMP all together and went to an install of CF9 against the pre-installed Apache server that came on the Mac. Yes, I was using the MAMP installer you mention.

    Finally got it working thanks to the page that Lehi Sanchez put up here:


    It’s a bunch of tweaks to the httpd.conf file that did the trick for me. I had to get up and running quickly but would now consider going back and trying with MAMP again using your video and his tweaks – if necessary. At least I now know that I can get CF9 running.

    Regards, J

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