Flash On The Beach To Sell Out Early!

FlashGen.Com IconI’ve just heard that Flash on the Beach will sell out before the conference. So if you haven’t got a ticket yet don’t hang around as they’ll all be gone VERY soon! It seems that the popularity of Flash on the Beach increases every year and give the speed at which the tickets are going this year you might be forgiven for thinking that the recession is over :p.

Regardless, like previous years, Flash on the Beach will be an absolute blast – so make sure you don’t miss out by not buying a ticket :D. Below is part of the email I received along with the link through to the tickets page at the end of it. I hope to see you all there :)


FOTB09 tickets sales will end way before the conference starts. Because of the phenomenal speed of sales this year, we are looking at a 3rd year in a row being sold out way before the event! We have never seen tickets go so fast!

Standard ticket prices end on September 4th – however, we believe that we will have sold out around that date and most probably before then. We are already 92% sold compared to the total tickets sold last year!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, don’t hang around! Get your tickets here.

Mike Jones