Build Native iPhone Apps With Flash CS5

Yesterday at MAX 2009 in Los Angeles Adobe announced that the next version of Flash Professional (CS5) will include the ability to export content created by it for deployment on the iPhone.

What it does mean is that if you’re a Flash / ActionScript developer you can develop applications, games etc for the iPhone and iPod Touch without the need to learn Objective-C. Before we get ahead of ourselves this doesn’t mean that the iPhone supports Flash content – that “issue” hasn’t be resolved at this point.

Adobe Labs has a section on developing applications for the iPhone – you can even sign up for a future public beta. Below are links to the current apps built with Flash CS5 prerelease – including a person favourite of mine “Just Letters” by my good Friend Stefan Richter

Chroma Circuit


Trading Stuff




Just Letters


South Park


That Roach Game


Red Hood


Who knows, this could be the dawn of even greater games and applications on the App Store now that the Flashers are coming to the party :p

Mike Jones


  1. @Matt, No news on how the Flex framework fits in to all of this, but as soon as I hear more I’ll post it up. In the mean time check out Slider – a new Flex framework for mobile devices (I’ll be posting more about that soon).

  2. It’s shame that we won’t be able to develop iPhone apps in flash cs5. I hope adobe take some kind of action against apple.

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