Cairngorm 3 Beta

Initial documentation for Cairngorm 3 has been uploaded to Adobe’s open source site. There’s not a huge amount of info there at the mo’, but what is there is worth a read – especially once they get more detail up about the Presentation Model and how it functions with the Presentation Graphic Layer and the Presentation Behaviour Layer.

It’s obviously early days, but good to see that Cairngorm hasn’t fallen by the wayside, as it’s been quite quiet when it comes to updates over the past year or so. Hopefully with this version there will be more focus on helping those new to Cairngorm get up to speed but without sacrificing those who are already familiar to the older version 2.x framework (and vice versa).

Mike Jones


  1. Will need to sit down and give this a read though!

    Hopefully it won’t be too hard convert old Cairngorm projects to the new version! They would have thought of that right ;)

  2. Yeah I hope that’s the case – I personally don’t fancy having to support multiple versions of the framework in various projects if I can avoid it.

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