AIR 2.0 For The Desktop Released

Like good old London red buses, you’re waiting for ages for one to come along, then two come at once. However I’m not talking about buses here. No, I’m excited about something completely different – I’m referring to Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0. Both of which are now available for download! I’ve already done a quick post about Flash Player 10.1 so it only follows to do the same for AIR 2.0 (so here it is).

There are some superb enhancements and additions to AIR 2.0 and you can read about them in depth over at the AIR teams blog post, but before you do here are some of the highlights (you can read the full list here):

  • Enhanced support for interacting with printers
  • Support for TLS/SSL socket communication
  • Support for the detection of mass storage devices.
  • Advanced networking capabilities like secure sockets, UDP support, and the ability to listen on sockets.
  • Support for native code integration.
  • The ability to open a file with its default application.
  • Multi-touch and gesture support.
  • New APIs for access to raw microphone data.
  • WebKit update with HTML5/CSS3 support.
  • Global error handling.
  • Improved cross-platform printing.
  • Improved security and support for enterprise and government standards.

You can install AIR 2.0 now by heading to the AIR download page.

Mike Jones