Flash Player 10.1 For Desktop Released

Today is a great day. Flash Player 10.1 is finally released for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux! Head over to the Flash Player teams blog for more in-depth coverage of what’s included in this release as there are some really cool updates in there. Here are some of the cool new features in Flash Player 10.1 (see the full list here):

  • Global error handler
  • Globalization support
  • Browser privacy mode
  • Out-of-memory management
  • Content protection
  • Peer-assisted networking
  • HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • Stream reconnect
  • Smart seek
  • Buffered stream catch-up
  • Fast switch
  • Microphone access
  • Dynamic frame rate

Alternatively head over to the Flash Player page on Adobe.com and grab Flash Player 10.1 now!!!

Mike Jones


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