Getting Started With Pushbutton Engine

To kick off the New Year here is the first of my articles looking at Pushbutton Engine.

In this introduction I’m looking at how you set up your IDE – in this case Flash Builder or Flash Professional. As the articles progress, I’ll be looking at working with Pushbutton Engine to build actual games, but for the time being let’s walk before we try to run.

Click here to continue on to the introductory article Pushbutton Engine – Setting Up Your IDE.

I’ve also created a section for all of these Pushbutton Engine articles, which you can find here.

Mike Jones


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  2. Good luck with your PBE endeavors. I eventually gave up on the prospects of using it for this contract game I’m currently working on. It took me too much time to adapt the OO concepts I knew into this component system. While components made a lot of sense, it was hard to see the organization of things, especially when taking something working and turning it into xml driven code, which is a really neat feature of PBE.

    I think if I was making a 2d, sprite based game I would have a problem, but I have artists creating beautiful, non-tiled art and trying to get the whole scene to draw up in a bitmap was something far from out-of-the-box PBE.

    Anyways, I wish you the best. I eventually ended up using WCK, http://www.sideroller.com/wck. It’s incredibly fast and has been an utter beast given the sheer volume of code and functionality. Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had working with Flash.

    Take care and thanks for following me on Twitter, :)

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