Free Graphics For Game Developers

Want to create a game in Flash, but you’re not the greatest designer? Fret not, as a new site has the answer to your prayers. HasGraphics.com has a large selection of tile sets, sprites, textures, sprite sheets, and all other manner of graphical goodness that will help you get your gaming project under way.

The best part is that, according to the site, all of these are free for use in commercial projects. I would suggest that you check with the original creator of any of the graphics you may use just to make sure. After all you don’t want to create the next Angry Birds and then get hit by a lawsuit for using someone’s material without license.

Here are a few examples that I grabbed from the site to give you an idea of what is on offer (you can click on any of them to take you directly to the actual set). Bear in mind that this is only a tiny sample and you should really check out the resources available as there are some cool tools on offer too.

Basic ground tile set

Mystery Forest Tile set

Gfx-lib Fuzed

Zooboing Tile sets

Check out HasGraphics.com for more details.

Mike Jones