Pushbutton Engine Videos

While I was in Boston earlier this year I shot a few videos on Pushbutton Engine. These can be considered companion videos to the articles that I’ve already posted, but can be viewed in isolation (you just have access to the source code in the actual articles :p).

Here are the videos and I’ve included a link to the related article below each one. I hope you find them useful.

Getting Started With Pushbutton Engine

Read associated article – Getting Started With Push

Pushbutton Engine – Adding User Input To Games

Read associated article Handling User Input

Pushbutton Engine – Using Bitmap Sprites In Your Games

Read associated article Working With Bitmap Sprites

You can read additional articles on Pushbutton Engine here: Pushbutton Engine Articles

Mike Jones


  1. I really like this demo… Can you explain how this could be extended to use Mouse Clicks to control the “hero” or for mobile devices dragging the “hero” with a finger?

  2. Hi Joe, I’ve got articles and videos to do that cover just those topics. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can publish them :)

  3. Hi mike! very useful your videos. I read that 3D characters can be put into a 2D background in PushButton using papervision3D. Have you any video explaining how to integrate Papervision3D in pushbutton?

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