I’m Off To Asia

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw me tweet about having some injections last week – something I’m not a big fan off (irrational I know, but something I suffer from :p). The reason for these jabs is because I’m heading to Singapore and the Philippines next week. This is very exciting as I’ve never been to Asia before.

While I’m in Asia I’ll be speaking at Flash Camp Manila on Tuesday 19th about game development with the Flash Platform. Then on Thursday I’ll be holding a workshop at Game Bandits 2011 in Singapore.

If you have any recommendations of places to visit or restaurants that are worth checking out please let me know :)

To find out more about either of the events I’ll be attending you can get more details via the respective links below.

Flash Camp Manila Website

Game Bandits 2011 Website

Mike Jones

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  1. Have fun! Both places have strong street food scenes. In Singapore you’ll probably get taken to hawker centers, but check out makansutra.com, and don’t forget to have Kaya Toast and Eggs with your morning coffee!

    (It really is hot. Some talcum powder can be good to pack.)

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