Thinking Things Over?

For those of you who used to visit my blog regularly you’d be aware that there was a fairly constant stream of updates and articles around the Flash Platform. For the last 2 years those regular updates have been null and void. Is this because of the death of Flash you may asks. Well no, Flash isn’t dead, nor do I think it’s taking its last breaths – and that’s all I have to say on the subject. However, since leaving Adobe I’ve been concentrating on other technologies in more depth – Objective-C, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a few others. You know, all “the other stuff”.

To that end I’ve decided to climb back in to the blogging saddle and get back to writing up my thoughts, processes and approaches to development, design and everything in between, but now on a slightly broader basis. The first step on this ‘rebirth’, if you will, is the obligatory site redesign – responsive of course. Although that may take a while as I’ll need to fit it in with other stuff like paid work :p.

In the interim I’m going to put up a few posts about some of the tools & frameworks I’m now using on a more regular basis, as well as gotchas and tip/tricks. So stay tuned for something new that’s also familiar.

Mike Jones