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Debugging Core Data In Xcode 8.1 Not Working?

I was working on a new project this weekend and I came across an issue using Xcode 8.1 that I’d not seen in 8.0 – The debug info from Core Data wasn’t being pushed to the console in Xcode.

Now if you’ve not worked with Core Data before, or never had to look hard under the hood at what it’s doing when to add items to it you may never have come across -com.apple.CoreData.SQLDebug before. This is a runtime argument that is passed in to your app at launch that (depending on the logging level – 1 through 3) spews out in-depth info on what is being inserted etc in to your Core Data store.

Site clean-up and archiving

I know I said I was going to do something about the site a while back, but like most things in life, something else was more important and this has slipped and slipped and slipped. The site is looking a bit long in the tooth now and not really responsive (it uses WP-Touch for mobile […]

Auto Layout Visual Format language helpers

I watch an awful lot of videos of people programming. I find it both relaxing and interesting. Once such set of videos I enjoy watching are those produced by Brian Voong, who posts YouTube iOS walk-throughs under the title of “Let’s Build That App”. I happened to have one of his videos running on my […]

Clean Xcode project directories with Synx

I’ve been writing code for a very long time now, using different IDEs and a varied array of languages. My current jam is developing iOS applications, or more specifically, writing Swift. However, one thing that is a constant for me – regardless of what language / glorified text editor I’m using is… keeping my file […]

Reasons To Be Creative 2015 Slides

After a 2 year sabbatical from speaking at conferences I “jumped back on the pony” at Reasons To Be Creative 2015 in Brighton. This is probably my favourite conference and if you’ve never attended (or have stopped attending since it changed from Flash on the Beach), you really should come next year. Anyway, my session […]

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Developing Flex 4 Components