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Thinking Things Over?

For those of you who used to visit my blog regularly you’d be aware that there was a fairly constant stream of updates and articles around the Flash Platform. For the last 2 years those regular updates have been null and void. Is this because of the death of Flash you may asks. Well no, […]

New year, new beginning

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I announced that I’d be joining Adobe as a Platform Evangelist. As a lot of you are probably aware, due to the change in focus at Adobe a measure of restructuring was needed. Sadly my role at Adobe was one such casualty of that restructuring. Even though I […]

Working with Stage3D & Starling in Flash Builder 4.5

I’ve just posted up a new video on Vimeo covering how to update the Flex SDK to provide access to the new Flash Player Stage3D APIs as well as how I link the Starling framework to my 2D game projects. You can view the screencast here.

Back From MAX Berlin – BYOD Information

I’m very excited to be visiting Berlin next week for the European Back from MAX series of events – I last visited Germany as a student nearly 30 years ago. So a return is long overdue. Plus I’ve never been to Berlin so I’m really looking forward to it. For all of those attendees who […]

Creating Particle Effects For Starling On Windows

With the release of the Starling framework for 2D game development utilizing Flash Player 11’s Stage3D API, you can now leverage hardware rendered particle based effects, like fire, smoke, lasers, explosions, and so on. Now, if you’re on OS X then you can use applications like Particle Designer by 712 to create your effects and […]

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