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Cairngorm 3 Beta

Initial documentation for Cairngorm 3 has been uploaded to Adobe’s open source site. There’s not a huge amount of info there at the mo’, but what is there is worth a read

Nokia LifeviNe – Flex or not?

It’s a loaded question. As I helped develop lifeviNe. In case you haven’t seen it, it is part of a solution for Nokia’s new mobile social networking software – think Brightkite meets flickr, youtube and to name few. The alpha version was launched on Tuesday of this week (it was a bank holiday here […]

Cairngorm – Structures, SWCs and ANT

As most of you who have read any of my post before will know I abhor having to perform repetitive tasks (this probably explains my lack of enthusiasm in going for a run each day :p). Anyway, a long standing peeve of mine is the hassle you have to go through every time you want […]