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Flash on the Beach 08 Session Notes

Another year another fantastic conference in Brighton – I’m obviously speaking about Flash on the Beach. What a fantastic conference, not only was it bigger and better but John announced that there would be a Flash on the Beach Miami in 2009. I’m pretty stoked by this as John had sworn me to secrecy over […]

FLVPLayback component for Flex

As most of my close friends know, I have a bit of a thing for components. So it will come as no surprise that I have a few new ones to release. The first of these is a video playback component that I have shamelessly called FLVPlayback after the similar component of the same name […]

Tonight LFPug – Flex development in 60 minutes.

Has he gone mad I hear you say. He did say 60 minutes. Yes 60 minutes to develop an application. This is the talk / participatory presentation I will be giving at the London Flash Platform user group tonight. Obviously in the true style of Blue Peter there will be a bit of prep and […]

Flex 2 ItemRenders

I’ve been playing around with the Item Renderers in Flex 2 recently (more than usual as it goes). So I thought I’d put my findings and “insights” down in a series of articles. This isn’t a definitive guide, but might prove useful for some :D The first part can be found here.

View Flex <mx:…/> tag classes

This is probably common knowledge for most but I’m posting it as it just came up in conversation (as I demonstrated it to a colleague). Also for the budding component developers amongst us this be of use and even prove insightful. So, given the title this obviously has something to do with MXML tags. Which […]