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Cairngorm – Structures, SWCs and ANT

As most of you who have read any of my post before will know I abhor having to perform repetitive tasks (this probably explains my lack of enthusiasm in going for a run each day :p). Anyway, a long standing peeve of mine is the hassle you have to go through every time you want […]

Flash on the Beach ’07 – Session reminder

In case any of you who are coming to Flash on the Beach next week and are going to attend my session. If you wish to actually participate you will need to download the pre-session source files. You can either grab them here or via a link on my session page on the Flash on […]

Flex Builder 2 ASDoc on Mac OS X fixed

As some of you already know I created some Ant scripts for compiler and manifest generation in Flex Builder. Well I’ve just updated them to include easy inclusion of remote service configuration files. I’ve also extended them so that they now include ASDoc generation tasks. Now as most Mac Flex Builder users will already know […]