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I’m An Adobe Platform Evangelist

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as the title pretty much sums it all up. Today I start a new chapter in my career as a Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe. I’m super stoked about this and I’m both excited and honoured to be working with such a high calibre of individuals both […]

Flash Builder, ColdFusion Builder & Flex 4 SDK are out!

After many many months Flash Builder 4, ColdFusion Builder and the Flex 4 SDK have been released. You can download them right now from Adobe. Andrew Shorten (Product Manager for Flash Builder has a full write up of the new features and technical changes over at the FlexTeam blog

Xmarks The Spot

I would get as far an defining the eclipse instance in the Flex Builder installer and then it would throw a dialog up on the screen informing me that I had to close my browser. … That’s not to say it’s an issue with Xmarks, far from it, it’s just it obviously contains a browser for synchronizing your bookmarks with the server and in doing so sets off the alarm bells with the Flex Builder installer.

Flex Builder 3 Free for Creative Suite Owners

It’s true, but not for all Creative Suite owners. It appears that if you bought Creative Suite 4 Master Collection or Web Premium after September 15th 2009 you can snaffle yourself a free license for Flex Builder 3

Cairngorm 3 Beta

Initial documentation for Cairngorm 3 has been uploaded to Adobe’s open source site. There’s not a huge amount of info there at the mo’, but what is there is worth a read