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Working with Stage3D & Starling in Flash Builder 4.5

I’ve just posted up a new video on Vimeo covering how to update the Flex SDK to provide access to the new Flash Player Stage3D APIs as well as how I link the Starling framework to my 2D game projects. You can view the screencast here.

Creating Particle Effects For Starling On Windows

With the release of the Starling framework for 2D game development utilizing Flash Player 11’s Stage3D API, you can now leverage hardware rendered particle based effects, like fire, smoke, lasers, explosions, and so on. Now, if you’re on OS X then you can use applications like Particle Designer by 712 to create your effects and […]

My Mode Source On GitHub

You may recall that I recently posted some screenshots of Mode (a Flixel based game) on various devices. Well I was going to release the source straight after but decided to wait until Flex SDK 4.5.1 was released as it provided a nice speed bump to iOS (a 4x increase in CPU mode in fact). […]

My 10 Tips When Developing For Multiple Devices

You may have seen my recent post about porting the Flixel based demo game ‘Mode’ to various devices. (If not I suggest you check it out as it has some photos of Mode running on a selection of different platforms). One of the things that became apparent was that even though I saved a massive […]

I’m Off To Asia

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw me tweet about having some injections last week – something I’m not a big fan off (irrational I know, but something I suffer from :p). The reason for these jabs is because I’m heading to Singapore and the Philippines next week. This is very exciting as […]