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SpriteSheetMaker Updated – New Sprite Sheet Preview

Over the weekend I managed to grab some time to fix some bugs add some new features. One that has been on my “todo” list for quite a while is the 1:1 preview window so you can see how your sprite sheet will actually look once exported – useful if you are trying to make […]

Developing Games For Multiple Devices

A few months ago John Lindquist posted a video on exporting an ActionScript-based game to iOS and how easy it was. The performance was pretty good, but as John points out, he only implemented basic touch controls to demo the functionality. This got me thinking and I decided to grab a copy of the game’s […]

Hot on the heels of my post about I’ve been sent a link (thanks Smily) to Here you can collaborate with other like-minded game developers with the intention of creating open source video games. They have lots of great resources including 2D and 3D assets as well as audio files. They also have […]

Free Graphics For Game Developers

Want to create a game in Flash, but you’re not the greatest designer? Fret not, as a new site has the answer to your prayers. has a large selection of tile sets, sprites, textures, sprite sheets, and all other manner of graphical goodness that will help you get your gaming project under way. The […]

Pushbutton Engine Videos

While I was in Boston earlier this year I shot a few videos on Pushbutton Engine. These can be considered companion videos to the articles that I’ve already posted, but can be viewed in isolation (you just have access to the source code in the actual articles :p). Here are the videos and I’ve included […]