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The MacHeist Bundle and MacWorld – Does it get better?

Can a Leopard change its spots for stripes?

Doesn’t anyone QA these days?

Back from holiday I decided I’d pop along to the Adobe Creative License seminar in London on Monday (17th September). So I hit the site, registered, and on completion it produced a cool page with my ticket details plus some coupons for the prize draws (which you cut off and hand in after each session). […]


Is it me or is there something onomatopoeic about some of Adobe’s newer naming conventions? First we have RIA (Rich Internet Applications) – admittedly this was a Macromedia creation. Now we have AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). Was there a sale on fonts by the characters :p On the more humorous side it could all get […]

Who can’t open their box?

OK hands up (i.e spare the blushes and admit it in the comments). Who ripped their box trying to open it??? I personally managed to open it, but did tear it slightly try to get at one part of the content. So for those still looking at their box wondering how to access all the […]