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Reconnecting Flex Builder Plug-in To Eclipse

One thing that has always bugged me is that it isn’t particularly clear how you reconnect Flex Builder (the plugin) to a new fresh installation of eclipse.

Sure, you can uninstall Flex Builder and reinstall it after you’ve updated eclipse. To my mind that is just too time consuming; so with that in mind I set about having a hunt within my eclipse folder to try and work out what I need to add / change in a fresh eclipse install to re-link the Flex Builder plugin.

Interview with

My interview with is live. I’ve include some of the questions here, but if you want to read the whole entry you can over at

Free Flex Jump Start Courses in 2009

For those of you who want to learn Flex, but could do with a few pointers to get you started, this will be of interest. Academy Class and Adobe are offering FREE 1 day Flex jump start courses in Manchester and London. You can find out more on Academy Class’s site or at Bring Your Own Laptop

SapphireSteel Produce Visual Studio Flex Plugin

SapphireSteel announced yesterday that they will be releasing a Flex / AIR Visual Studio plugin. This comes close behind Ensembles announcement of Tofino, another Flex plugin for Visual Studio.

New Look & Feel

Well after what seems like ages, I’ve finally uploaded the new look and feel for the FlashGen.Com blog. I’ve also updated the FG logo to be in keeping with the original FlashGen.Com logo and color scheme.