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Adobe Museum of Digital Media Launched

This is very cool. Adobe have created and launched the first all digital virtual museum. I’m really excited about this as my background is Fine Art, so having something like this at my finger tips is awesome. It’s also doubly awesome as it uses the Flash Platform to provide this beautiful experience. One thing to […]

grabUp – Too useful not to use?

Having been a Mac convert for over two years now I’m still amazed at the amount of free apps that are truly useful on OS X compared to Windows (no this isn’t a Windows bashing post). grabUp is another of those online / offline utilities that appears to be truly handy for dealing with screen […]

Nokia N95 Firmware update = Flash Lite 3.0

I don’t do a huge amount of Flash Lite work. However when my good friend Dave Williamson pinged me on MSN yesterday and informed me that he had just flashed his Nokia N95 to the latest firmware, which resulted in the Flash Lite player getting updated to version 3.0; I thought to myself that perhaps […]

T-Mobile 3G network update issues

I, like a lot of my colleagues in the UK, use T-Mobile as my mobile phone carrier. Partly due to the superb 3G data tariffs that they provide, (I commute, so being able to connect and check email, get stuff done etc via my mobile carrier is important). However the other day I was trying […]

The MacHeist Bundle and MacWorld – Does it get better?