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Leopard Issues – A solution, for me anyway.

Leopard – My painful experiences… So far

Make your MacBook Pro Region Free

Coming from a PC background. The one thing I’ve always taken for granted was the ability to play my DVDs on my laptop (regardless of teh region code). However Sony made a poor decision to bootstrap its users by putting Matshita (sometimes referred to as Matsushita) DVD drives in their notebooks. Unsurprisingly, Apple also use […]

MAX Barcelona – No excuses

Time is creeping on and MAX Barcelona (October 15-18) is getting nearer and nearer. For those of you who were thinking of going but thought the entry price was a bit too steep this is for you. Adobe have kindly sent me a promo code to get the 3 day pass for only €500 (plus […]

Mozy on OS X has been updated

A little off topic, but I really like Mozy. For those who’ve never heard of it / them. This is another of those online back up services. The really great thing that separates them from the rest of this crowd is that they: Support Mac OS X with an actual desktop client – not some […]