Sprite Sheet Maker (Preview)

One process that has survived in game development is the process of ‘blitting’. In simple game terms ‘blitting’ is where you combine two or more bitmap objects in to a single object to increase performance. Remember all those cool 2D games from the mid 80s through to the mid 90s like StarCraft etc used this technique. However that is only half the story. Before you can ‘blit’ bitmap data you have to have some images to work with. Continue Reading


Adobe Intel AppLab Connect Sessions

Earlier in the month I blogged about the up and coming Adobe Intel Application Lab event at the Adobe offices in San Francisco. If you are like me and don’t happen to live in the bay area but really wanted to attend. Don’t worry. We’ve create a connect room and will be broadcasting the event. So if you can’t make it in person but would love to attend virtually, then point your browsers to http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/applab and enjoy the event in the comfort of your own home / office or in the case of us Europeans, probably bed.

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