Configuring Zend Tool with Eclipse & Aptana

One of the new features of Flash Builder 4 is the inclusion of the DCD workflows, or Data Centric Development to give it it’s full title; which allows for easy integration and wiring up of data from various server solutions. This new feature has peaked my interest the most by the fact that the DCD for PHP utilizes the Zend_AMF from within Zend framework. Something I hadn’t played around with too much. I’m used to consuming data in Flash via remote objects through various AMF implementations; but I hadn’t played with Zend_AMF or the full Zend framework stack. So while front-end communication via AMF hadn’t changed for me – per se, I still had the issue of working with / learning the Zend framework for the actual server application development.

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Reconnecting Flex Builder Plug-in To Eclipse

One thing that has always bugged me is that it isn’t particularly clear how you reconnect Flex Builder (the plugin) to a new fresh installation of eclipse.

Sure, you can uninstall Flex Builder and reinstall it after you’ve updated eclipse. To my mind that is just too time consuming; so with that in mind I set about having a hunt within my eclipse folder to try and work out what I need to add / change in a fresh eclipse install to re-link the Flex Builder plugin.

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