Flash on the Beach Miami Cancelled :(

Today is a bit of a sad day. I’ve just received an email from John Davey (organiser of Flash on the Beach), informing me that Flash on the Beach Miami has been cancelled. It’s a real shame, but I can’t disagree with his reasons. The global recession is a concern for everyone and couple that with poor ticket sales, John says he doesn’t feel he can deliver the high calibre conference that us Europeans know and love. Continue Reading


Flash on the Beach Miami 2009

Flash on the Beach Miami site launched – This will surely be the beginning of a new era for Flash on the Beach. Personally I can’t contain my excitement, not just because I’ll be speaking at FotB Miami, but also due to the fact that I’ve never been to Miami before so it will be a double first for me (I’m more of a west coast guy – mainly because I’ve never really been anywhere on the east coast :p) Continue Reading